Shishi-O, the “Sword of Lions,” is a marvelously crafted
katana with a blade of bright, immaculate steel and a
gold tsuba (guard) worked to resemble a pair of male
lions circling the blade. The
hilt is ivory inlaid with
more gold, all wrapped
in purple silk and capped
with a golden lion’s head
bearing amethyst eyes and
ruby teeth.
Nonlegacy Game Statistics:
+1 katana; Cost 2,535 gp. Katanas
have the same game statistics as
bastard swords. The blade’s roar
grants you a +2 circumstance
bonus on any Intimidate check
made during the same round
you draw the sword.
Omen: Whenever the blade
is drawn, this lion’s head lets out
a mighty roar that can be heard for
approximately a quarter of a mile. You
can attempt a DC 15 Will save to compel
the sword not to roar.Toshi Ko