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  • Fort Inevitable

    [[File:507891 | class=media-item-align-none | pic2285060.jpg]] Fort Inevitable is a small town just off the Crusader Road, sandwiched between the West Sellen River and the Echo Wood. It is ruled by members of the [[[[Hellknights]] | [[[[Hellknights]] …

  • The Emerald Spire

    [[File:508058 | class=media-item-align-none | 81b541e88b3357e248e73ad3b38cc2c4.jpg]] The Emerald Spire is a strange ruin in the northwestern River Kingdoms. Located in a large clearing in the Echo Wood near the Crusader Road, six miles northeast of the …

  • The Guliver arms

    The Guliver arms inn, is the nicest and most expensive inn in Fort Inevitable. It is run by the Reedbanks Talligor Reedbank (Salty) and Falicea Reedbank and their 15 children. The Gulliver arms is known for having the best food in Fort Inevitable.