The laws of Fort Inevitable

Fort Inevitable is a place of strict order and unforgiving law enforced by the unforgiving Hellknights. Its laws are al fallows.

Law – Punishment

Petty theft – 15 Lashes 2 days stalks

Grand Theft – Loss of primary Hand

Banditry – Death by pestalance

Fighting – Trial by combat

Breaking curfew (out after dark) – 10 lashes

Assault – 100 lashes and prison

breaking and entering – 25 lashes and a week in the stalks

Treason – Death by Blood eagle

Adultery – Pear of anguish

sodomy – Pear of anguish

Blasphemy – pear of anguish

Public drunkenness – 20 lashes 2 weeks in the stalks

Damage of property – fine cost of damage + admin fees

Unlawful use of magic – mouth stched shut one week stalks.

Obstruction of Justice – Death by blood eagle.

Beastalty – 50 lashes one week stalks

Murder – Drawn and quartered

Public Urination – 10 lashes 22 days stalks

The laws of Fort Inevitable

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